Friday, September 13, 2013

AccXtract Released! Hack every Chrome and Firefox account in a few clicks!

AccXtract, my latest project to be added to A Programmer's Crucible, is targeted towards those under the impression that their accounts are currently under some semblance of safety.  Any time you press that "Save Password" button, or tick the "Remember Me" checkbox on a website, that information is stored locally on your computer.  Sure some of it is encrypted, but how secure does that really make it?  In short: not very.  AccXtract's aim is to prove how ridiculously easy it is to gain access to every single account that you forgot to log out of, and every single password that you have saved.  Yes, this includes Facebook, emails, bank, and literally every other account that keeps you logged in or you saved a password for.

AccXtract consists of two separate executables, the first of which being Grabber.exe.  Intended to be kept on a USB or other portable device, Grabber, by simply double-clicking, will copy all of the files required to gain access to every logged in account and get all of the passwords stored on whatever machine it is being run on.  So you just plug it in, double click, and you instantly have everything you need!

You may be wondering: after I get all of this information, what do I do with it?  That is where AccXtract.exe comes in.  Bringing the USB back to your computer and loading up the AccXtract folder on it, AccXtract.exe will show you all of the information from every single computer that you have captured.  Then, you simply click the information you want, and AccXtract will automatically put those files in place on your computer, granting you immediate access to every account and password that person was logged in to!

It's as simple as that!  Just a few clicks and everything they have is hacked!  The next question: how much does something like this cost?  The answer:  AccXtract is COMPLETELY FREE, and even open source!

Why not download it now? You never know when you might need it!

Get it here: