Monday, December 16, 2013

Codename iLikeMusic – What iRadio Capture Should Have Been From the Start

     It is no secret that iRadio Capture never quite worked the way that I had intended.  Everything I tried was too unreliable: sometimes it would work extremely well, and the next day it would refuse to work at all.  Also, I never liked having it in two different pieces; that increased its unreliability and made it more complicated for my users, neither of which I was happy about.  I looked at all of this and realized that my current method was never going to work the way I wanted.  So I took a step back to look at everything again.  That is when inspiration came and slapped me across the face, hard.  Thus, iLikeMusic was born.

     I have been working on iLikeMusic for the past few days, and am proud to say that it is nearly ready for its maiden voyage, at least for Mac.  I have not started the Windows version, but I expect it to follow the Mac version relatively quickly.  As it stands right now, iLikeMusic is a standalone player that basically does everything iRadio Capture did, except better.  Being that it stands entirely by itself, that also means that I can add many other features not possible under the iRadio Capture schema.  This means:

  • No more worrying about updating your browser, because it doesn't use one
  • No more messing with the iRadio Art Grabber extension
  • No more filling your download list with hundreds of picture files that aren't there
  • It can theoretically work for ANY website, including the previously elusive Grooveshark
  • It can use custom proxy settings if you are outside the US, so you do not slow down the rest of your browsing
  • It can detect incompletely loaded songs (a problem with iRadio Capture 2.0)
  • It can use the Mac's media keys to control playback
  • Much more!
Expect to see the first version of iLikeMusic to hit A Programmer's Crucible some time in the near future, so check back often!