Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back in school, development and support may be slowed (but not stopping!)

Today was my first day back at high school, the beginning of my senior year.  I am taking a somewhat lighter course-load this year in comparison to last, so don't expect to see too much change in the development speed.  This is just heads-up in case I take longer to respond to emails or roll out bug fixes/new features.  For those who don't know, I almost always respond to emails within 24 hours.  Now with the unpredictability of my school workload, that may become more like 24-48 hours.  However, if I take more than 2 days to respond, feel free to shoot me another email, as I may have missed the first one.

So what am I working on right now/in the near future?

  • While writing iRC 2.0 for Mac, I came up with several optimizations for back end of the Windows version, should be implemented soon
  • Currently working: several stability/reliability fixes for Windows version, plus a more dynamic feedback system like in the Mac version
  • Expect a new version for Windows coming this weekend