Friday, August 23, 2013

iRC 2.0 Windows update: MUCH more stable/reliable

I promised a new, more stable, more reliable version of iRadio Capture 2.0 for Windows this weekend.  Sorry if I am a little ahead of schedule.  This version contains MANY minor fixes/improvements in the song detecting process.  It now works much more like the Mac version of iRadio Capture 2.0, for those who have used that.  If you haven't, I can say that you will likely enjoy this version much and pull your hair out much less after updating.

A common bug that was reported to me with previous version is that iRadio Capture 2.0 was capturing the first song and then stopping.  No more!  Random crashes?  Fixed!  Several other minor issues?  Vanished!  I highly recommend this update for anyone who had issues with the previous version.

How do you update?  Download, extract, run, done!

Get it here: